How it started

vacation that is. And it started with the Huskers of course!

after a volunteering our flights and getting a later flight, the fun and food started.

more to come….

Hello September & Hello Stockholm

I landed in Stockholm at the beginning of the week for work and now Kyle’s joined me for play. We are going to gorge on meatballs if I can convince him to go to the biggest IKEA in the world (!!!). Below are a few pics so far.

Dinner the first night, that made me ill for the next few days :(.


View from my work hotel room.IMG_3219

Out and about in Old Town with a viewing of changing of the guards. IMG_3224




Rafting the Ganges

I’m back at it and deep in work this Thursday but last Thursday was a different story. Last Thursday we were surprised when class was randomly cancelled and we were told to prepare for a rafting trip. I wondered if we would go rafting since it is included with the program but I was fine not going as the weather is not yet too hot and the water is freezing. But that Thursday we ventured out and raft we did.

We glided over nine rapids and didn’t tip over once. It was relatively calm and warm until we all decided to jump in fully clothed. I only had once chance to swim in the Ganges so I went in and it was absolutely freezing. Once was enough for me!





Winning *big

And by big I mean small. The most exciting prize was wining a dining voucher upon check-out. The dining voucher is only good for the Macau hotel we stayed at and since we aren’t planning to return anytime soon we really just lost (again) the chance to use the voucher.

Even with so much losing Macau was a nice break. Coined ‘The Vegas of the East’ it was a lot tamer than the real thing. Macau is a mix of China and Portugal and was the first and last European colony in China. It was considered an overseas territory of Portugal until 1999.

Our trip to Macau was short but sweet, and rainy. We did our fair share of checking out the casinos and ventured out to the rain soaked streets for a look around Macau Island to get a better feeling for the Portuguese influence in this China territory.

The casino. I learned how to play roulette and lost a lot…


Chinese New Year decorations all around: Happy Year of the Monkey!IMG_1530



And Kyle’s last ditch effort to win something…and he did!IMG_1549

Missouri Summer

Missouri Summer

After two days in New York Kyle and I flew to Kansas City. From there we made our way to my Dad’s condo at Lake of the Ozarks. I didn’t know what to expect but was hoping for some settled peace and quiet. Luckily it was just that. Not too much running around or too many dinners out (which always seem to add up to too many while visiting home). The hardest decisions were something along the lines of whether to swim or read.

I often forget what a “clear” sky looks like. Even on sunny days in Shanghai there is a haze. You get used to it, but after going home you really see (and breathe) what you’re missing. I apologize in advance to too many pictures that have to do with the sky.

Sun and clouds

Lake of the Ozarks‘Murica!


Lake of the Ozarks near Camdenton

That dang dead armadillo


An American Vacation

Kyle and I took our short, short, short trip home.  It was the first vacation we had in a long time.  It was excellent and really not that sad.   It was great to see our family and friends and was filled with happy times and delicious food.  I definitely did not get to spend enough time with my family and definitely did not eat enough crab rangoons when I was back, but now I guess I have something to look forward to next time!

The only sad part about it was being back in Korea and not with family.  I am happy to come back to Korea and am looking forward to what this next year holds but that does not mean that I do not miss things from home.

Here are a few pictures from the time at home:

Airport drinks: help to knock you out on the 12 hour flight.
My adorable niece and gorgeous sister!
A view from Kyle's garage (he's scraping the car). Way too cold for me - but pretty!
A night at Dad's house.
With the crazy siblings! This photo could possibly be on the website "Awkward Family Photos"...what do you think?!?
And with my Momma!

Thanks for the great times everyone and I miss you tons and love you!