Nebraska – my favorite

After a weekend at the lake Ky and I headed to our beautiful home state of Nebraska. My love for Nebraska is deep. It grows even more being away. I absolutely love how energizing it is going back and am always amazed by the cooler-by-the-minute Omaha. The vibes from that city are nice.

I will never get tired of this sign. Please don’t change it!


Nebraska road, Nebraska Sky


An Omaha classic: Big Fred’s Pizza. Such a great sign.


Piclke cards!


The Big ‘Mo


The Bob Kerry Bridge – linked Omaha and Iowa (Council Bluffs)


In two places at one time.


Nebraska beef. The best. Not a small sandwich – prime rib sandwich at Ole’s Steakhouse in Paxton.


Hot New Shanghai Exercise

Hot New Shanghai Exercise

A great Sunday spending time in the park with friends. It’s still smoldering hot and humid as what I presume hell to be like, but I don’t mind a bit of sweat in a relief to escape the air con. The highlight of the park was two grannies exercising. And exercise they did….

My new bike. The day before I left for vacation my bike was stolen and below is my new beauty, a “Flying Pigeon”.

Bike in the park

Garden Hotel Park. Hot, hot, hot.

Shanghai sky

Weird exercise and lots of hitting yourself as exercising are common sites in China. But this woman took it to another level. I admire her.


And then she got her friend to take part. “Bear walking” the hot new exercise among the older exercisers in Shanghai. Give it a try – it tones your whole body and will give you killer buns!

Two! bear walking grannies

Missouri Summer

Missouri Summer

After two days in New York Kyle and I flew to Kansas City. From there we made our way to my Dad’s condo at Lake of the Ozarks. I didn’t know what to expect but was hoping for some settled peace and quiet. Luckily it was just that. Not too much running around or too many dinners out (which always seem to add up to too many while visiting home). The hardest decisions were something along the lines of whether to swim or read.

I often forget what a “clear” sky looks like. Even on sunny days in Shanghai there is a haze. You get used to it, but after going home you really see (and breathe) what you’re missing. I apologize in advance to too many pictures that have to do with the sky.

Sun and clouds

Lake of the Ozarks‘Murica!


Lake of the Ozarks near Camdenton

That dang dead armadillo