Sunday rumblings – aka things to read

Omaha owner of Modern Love featured as the first quote: New plant based burgers (NYT). I’m interested in/excited about Impossible Burger and Beyond Beef.

When the #metoo movement went to trial (The Daily)

It’s so much more the cooking (The Week)

25 principles for adult behavior (JamBase)

Breath meditation (The Skinny Confidential)

From a few weeks ago, but fat bear week is a glorious thing! (Vox)

Why I don’t let my job define me (Advice from a Thirty Something)


Read read read

Just got done with the book Educated and it’s as good as everyone says.

Other reads:

Be unproductive! (HBR)

Tips on saying no. Love #4 (because i’m addicted)

Here’s what we know (Joy the Baker)

…think about what it would mean to live not according to your goals, but your values: not in service of future success, but of the world around you. Maybe nothing would be different at all, but maybe something would shift inside you. Maybe something would soften, maybe something would snap into place. How would you choose to live if there was no such thing as success, only the complicated joy of the world that exists right now? (The Cut)

Weekly weekend reads

Weekend reads:

Good advice (and also a fun feature):

A big part of your work is helping people cultivate their authentic selves. Do you have advice for anyone trying to do this? 
I definitely have a method. Broadly speaking, it’s through deep listening to ourselves. For example, I’m a big believer in imagination exercises, to wake up the part of the brain that’s curious and creative and unafraid of taking risks. To do this, I might say: get into a position of silence and have a conversation with yourself in your 80s. Start asking her questions about her life. What does she say? Paint me a picture of her life. Where is she, and what has she done? Visualizing your future can help you get clarity.

Sad, but important: What if the doctors had listened to our sister Becky

V. interesting: Everything you know about obesity is wrong

(and weekly shots: neighborhood walks and sunset yoga in the park)