Honeymoon recap: five pics and few words

SFO -> Mexico City -> Buenos Aires -> Iguazu Falls -> Cordoba -> Mendoza ->Buenos Aires->Mexico City -> SFO

Mexico City 1: a quick stop-over. Frida Kahlo’s house and her clothes…..swoon…

Mexico City - saucy!

Buenos Aires: Saying there is a late night culture here is an understatement.

Buenos Aires Steak

Iguazu Falls: Jungle-y! Lots of water. Prep for wine country.


Iguazi coatis

Mendoza: Heaveni-sh. Ridiculous wine pours (in a good way).

Mendoza 1

Buenos Aires 2: Palermo! Such a hip area & wish we spent more time here.


Mexico City 2: Breakfast nachos!!!

Meixo City 2nd time


A Mexican Thanksgiving

Turkey day in Mexico City. No turkey but blue skies, Frida Kahlo and enchiladas! A slow internet connection everywhere so pics and posts will be slow coming…

2017-11-23 15.38.52

2017-11-23 07.34.362017-11-23 06.25.03

2017-11-23 16.16.592017-11-23 06.25.032017-11-23 17.59.01


Sister’s Wedding = Gorgeous Sister, Beautiful Family, Splendid Location

Wedding: September 21st, 2014. Location: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
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