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Trader Joe’s holiday candles and beauty products – all of them please!

Milk is the worst….but I really LOVE milk… (Grub Street)

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Birthday Dinner

My bday dinner was a low-key, calm one. After a great brunch, a slow Tuesday night was nice. Kyle treated me to The Commune Social – a cute, and close, tapas place with great cocktails.

As usual prior to a tapas night out I was quite worried that there wouldn’t be enough food but thankfully I forewent a little snack before dinner because there was more than enough food.  The Commune Social is a highly suggested place for a night out and I’m looking forward to going back when the weather warms up to enjoy some cocktails in their courtyard.


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Merry Santa Daddy

It was definitely a strange Christmas being away from family and friends.  Christmas was good but I’m not sure that it was a “normal” Christmas (but really, what is a normal Christmas?).  Thank you for all the presents and calls – it made Christmas more enjoyable and not as lonely.

So Christmas was interesting because Kyle and I were invited to our Korean friend’s Christmas Eve party which by the looks of it was like a bad prom.

Yes, those are purple balloons taped to the ceiling.  Did I say it was like an 80’s prom?  The atmosphere was what I think a junior high dance would be like.  Fortunately we had booze to liven things up.

Unfortunately it was really bad wine.  It was Carlos Rossi (only the classiest) Grape Concord Sweet Wine.  It tasted like bad grape juice.  I still don’t know why anyone would buy a wine called “Concord Grape Sweet Wine”?  Why not just buy concord grape juice?!  There was also crappy Korean beer and snacks.  The snacks were tuna sandwiches, tomatoes with toothpicks in them, delicious bacon wraps, and chips with fake cheese (yum!).  For some reason I thought the tomatoes were amusing.

It was a nice party and I’m glad we went for the experience.  On actual Christmas night one of our sweet friends made us delicious Indian food and then we ate cakes that did not say “Merry Christmas” but that said “Merry Santa Daddy”.  Classic Korea.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!