Goodbye Scandinavia

Stockholm, a cruise to Helsinki, back to Stockholm, Copenhagen and back to Stockholm again to fly out Kyle and I are headed back to Shanghai. We had a great trip exploring a new part of the world (and one of the happiest!). Now back to real life…le sigh…















Delhi, the Taj & Beyond

Kyle and I arrived in India after a few flight delays (China flights are always delayed, now I’m used to it!).  We stayed in the heart of Old Delhi across from the Red Fort. The location proved convenient for getting around the city. On to Agra and the Taj Mahal we went and now in Jaipur.

India is everything all in one and no mix of words can truly describe it. But I’ll – a few things:

  • Fascinating.
  • Exciting, dirty, loud.
  • Peaceful and colorful countryside.
  • So many animals!
  • Food – rich, heavy, delicious food.

Here’s a few scenes from the trip so far.


Hot New Shanghai Exercise

Hot New Shanghai Exercise

A great Sunday spending time in the park with friends. It’s still smoldering hot and humid as what I presume hell to be like, but I don’t mind a bit of sweat in a relief to escape the air con. The highlight of the park was two grannies exercising. And exercise they did….

My new bike. The day before I left for vacation my bike was stolen and below is my new beauty, a “Flying Pigeon”.

Bike in the park

Garden Hotel Park. Hot, hot, hot.

Shanghai sky

Weird exercise and lots of hitting yourself as exercising are common sites in China. But this woman took it to another level. I admire her.


And then she got her friend to take part. “Bear walking” the hot new exercise among the older exercisers in Shanghai. Give it a try – it tones your whole body and will give you killer buns!

Two! bear walking grannies