Weekend fails

Weekend fails….in the best sense. Sometime fails can turn out to be better than what was planned!

Fail #1: trying to run 10 miles, only to run into a non-stop downpour .5 miles in.

Fail #2: My Christmas present to Kyle: Tailgate + Warriors game. 1. There was no tailgate…..that is not the Nebraska way! 2. None of the star players were playing…

Wins: It finally stopped raining!?!


Pacing under a bridge for 30+ minutes, waiting for the downpour to end. I’ve never felt more troll-like in my life….IMG_0450

Turn up in the Oracle


Is the sunshine back for good? Just waiting on the warm temps too…..IMG_0456


Weekly tidbits

Afternoon run on the Guadalupe Trail. Only a few more weeks before the half. My first thought on the trail was “I can’t wait to walk this trail!” – ha!

2018-03-22 16.27.44

2018-03-22 16.27.36

108 sun salutations to welcome in the Spring season and especially relevant with starting a new job on Monday….2018-03-23 07.26.58

2018-03-23 07.27.09

2018-03-23 07.32.15

2018-03-23 07.40.36

2018-03-23 07.49.01

2018-03-23 07.49.06

Some thoughtful things:



Honeymoon recap: five pics and few words

SFO -> Mexico City -> Buenos Aires -> Iguazu Falls -> Cordoba -> Mendoza ->Buenos Aires->Mexico City -> SFO

Mexico City 1: a quick stop-over. Frida Kahlo’s house and her clothes…..swoon…

Mexico City - saucy!

Buenos Aires: Saying there is a late night culture here is an understatement.

Buenos Aires Steak

Iguazu Falls: Jungle-y! Lots of water. Prep for wine country.


Iguazi coatis

Mendoza: Heaveni-sh. Ridiculous wine pours (in a good way).

Mendoza 1

Buenos Aires 2: Palermo! Such a hip area & wish we spent more time here.


Mexico City 2: Breakfast nachos!!!

Meixo City 2nd time