10 miler

Kyle and I ran on the beautiful Los Gatos trail. Just because the route was pretty didn’t make the run too much easier, but knowing it was our last long run before the half marathon helped! We ran to downtown Los Gatos and our Lyft driver was impressed when we hitched a ride back to our car. Follow by a visit to the gold coin shop…and a visit to our hot tub.




Weekend fails

Weekend fails….in the best sense. Sometime fails can turn out to be better than what was planned!

Fail #1: trying to run 10 miles, only to run into a non-stop downpour .5 miles in.

Fail #2: My Christmas present to Kyle: Tailgate + Warriors game. 1. There was no tailgate…..that is not the Nebraska way! 2. None of the star players were playing…

Wins: It finally stopped raining!?!


Pacing under a bridge for 30+ minutes, waiting for the downpour to end. I’ve never felt more troll-like in my life….IMG_0450

Turn up in the Oracle


Is the sunshine back for good? Just waiting on the warm temps too…..IMG_0456


Hey hey!

Guess who’s still around kickin it? Me!

A (finally) leisurely weekend of yoga, cooking and one nap can change one’s entire perspective.

More pinata fun: this pinata got taken all over town!

2016-06-30 19.33.09

Friends couple bridal shower (which is where the Pinata found a home) means a lot of sangria on a Saturday, day.2016-07-02 11.38.57

Back to teaching yoga and absolutely loving it. It makes me so happy knowing that others get to feel so good through a yoga glass. 2016-07-02 09.54.06

And just one thing I thought was nice. IMG_2880