Sunrise to midday

Cali light from the sunrise to sunset, never gets old.

Hello September & Hello Stockholm

I landed in Stockholm at the beginning of the week for work and now Kyle’s joined me for play. We are going to gorge on meatballs if I can convince him to go to the biggest IKEA in the world (!!!). Below are a few pics so far.

Dinner the first night, that made me ill for the next few days :(.


View from my work hotel room.IMG_3219

Out and about in Old Town with a viewing of changing of the guards. IMG_3224





Kyle and I took a trip to Yixing in Jiangsu province this last weekend. We had planned to get out-of-town to get away from the hectic start of the school year for Kyle and Shanghai life as well.

Yixing is a two and a half hour bus ride from Shanghai and as we live close to the main bus and train station it’s an easy out-of-town. In Yixing we thoroughly enjoyed the hotel. Le Meridian, which was next to a Wanda mall. Sarcasm aside I hadn’t had that much fun in a mall for quite some time. Although the exterior of the mall was all “fake” store fronts and a truly eerie China moment the actual mall was full of fun and games, such as a jungle gym, train, arcade, bowling and more. Of course, there was shopping too (my favorite!).

Yixing bamboo forest

A themed restaurant in the mall – still not sure what the theme was.

Yixing bowling

Two lane bowling alley in the mall.

Chinese menu

Delicious Chinese menu…can you spot the – what I hope to be – error? Yixing

Lake from hotel room.

Le meridian Yixing

Hotel lobby – not many parties here.

Yixing bamboo forest

Yixing bamboo park, reminded me of a little central park.

Yixing bamboo forest

Yixing bamboo forest

Yixing bamboo forest

Yixing bamboo forest

Yixing bamboo forest

Yixing bamboo forest

Yixing bamboo forest


So. much. ginger.

Yixing bamboo forest

Yixing bamboo forest

Haungshan, aka Yellow Mountain

As part of a work trip I was able to go to Yellow Mountain this past weekend. It has been on my list of places to go since arriving in China. Waking up at 5am wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had but it was worth it. I now have a new outlook on China, with more appreciation for the place. There is some beauty here! It’s important to get out of the city to keep your sanity….

Huangshan: 7 hours of hiking (my legs can feel it), over 30,000 steps and 20 kilometers. These photos were even taken with my crappy iPhone 3 camera, and are still beautiful.






IMG_3811 IMG_3813