Weekend by the ocean

Letting the ocean (and wind) soul wash us!

We also drank wine in Paso Robles and sought out as many tri tip sandwiches as possible.

And, no joke, saw a herd of zebras!!



Scenes from the week

Work life on campus, early morning yoga (the a.m. sun is the best!), sunset dinners and wines with friends. And almost time to do it again.

A main ‘strip’ on campus where something is always going on:

2018-04-24 12.32.38

2018-04-24 12.33.03

Jazz during the lunch hour on Wednesday:2018-04-25 12.13.28

Early morning yoga (that sun though!):

2018-04-27 06.43.43 HDR

2018-04-27 06.43.55 HDR

Walk to the office: 2018-04-27 08.03.27

Persian lunch with coworkers:
2018-04-27 12.49.12

Nice pours:

2018-04-27 21.41.50