Title To Be Determined.

Woo, so that last preppy, positive post….first week of January got me all exhausted. By that title, you can see. Rushing into the new year right? Well it’s almost the weekend and the Internet is still chugging along. Happy Days my friends!

Some things I like from this week:


  • Record player love:


  • A super awesome birthday card that inspires me everyday (yes bacon wrapped everything inspires me)


  • A truly strange Chinese snack. Like a huge Cheeto puff but sticky, chewy and sweet. Weird. IMG_1413
  • Drake on Cake:


Fun at 31

Birthday birthday the China way (I guess…).

Birthday brunch at Liquid Laundry.

IMG_1309 IMG_1312

Nice words, nice gifts (actually an Xmas gift, but I love the card).


Another Xmas gift, something I’ve wanted for years. My wish finally came true!

IMG_1319 IMG_1320

Russian candies – working in an International office means I get to try food from all over the world! These were a bit sweet and tasted like sugar cubes.


Work bday cake – delicious mango.


Winner winner chicken dinner (lunch) for birthday lunch.


And more celebrating tonight in the form of more food!

Happy Birthday…to me!

I had a pretty unexciting birthday and unfortunately received a cold for my birthday….I’m blaming in on the kiddies.  I don’t have many photos but my birthday was very “Korean”.  I had sweet potato cake (which is really good), gimbap, and ramen.

Those look like pickles on top but actually they are very sweet, sweet potatoes.

P.S.  I also got a lot of “Congratulations” for my birthday and when Kyle told one lady it was my birthday, she said “Happy New Year”.  Korea can be strange!