Buenos Aires in a lot of pictures

Lots of walking, lots of pizza, beautiful, old and colorful cityscapes, sunshine and of course great Malbec.


What to do in Langkawi

Not much. Which is perfectly fine if that is the type of vacation you want – which is exactly what I wanted.

Langkawi is definitely not a place to go for partying, which is fine by me. With a slow pace of life and a great island feel it is best to bring a book and be ready to let go of it all and relax.

There is great hiking, water sports such as jet-skiing, tubing and kayaking and outdoor adventures such as hiking.

Hazy sunset at Frangipani Resort.



The pool bar at Airis Sanctuary where Kyle and I stayed. The pool bar happy hour was a popular activity for Kyle and myself.




Nice wild life and beautiful views at Seven Wells Waterfalls. The appeal of monkeys is always novel.



The clearest skies I saw the whole trip.


And the best travel outfit I’ve seen in a long time.


Langkawi, Malaysia

The Malaysia trip, as with any trip out of China, is supposed to be an escape to fresh air where we can take deep breaths, even better is the air is a little salty from the sea. Unfortunately, we ran straight into more polluted air in Langkawi. In researching Langkawi, I was most worried about whether rainy season would affect the trip and did detailed research to ensure that there wouldn’t be too much rain. I did pretty good as it only rained a few mornings but the air was the problem. Little be-known to me some farmers in Southeast Asian countries burn their land for various reasons so the air wasn’t much better than what we are used to in China. The day we arrived in Langkawi, last Saturday, was the worst and fortunately, little by little the haze dissipated and we were able to see the sun.

A little bit of haze is better than the alternative in Shanghai:

A few pics from our trip below.


Posing in front of our bike.


At Seven Wells Waterfall after a few steps to the top and monkey siting!



Burger with the works at fatCUPID.