A night on the Bund









We are in the middle of another typhoon which just means that it pours all day and it’s greyer than usual! The first day of the storm our whole office came in soaking wet – good thing we have slippers in the office!

Other than that, another week and more life!





Good Vibes & Love for 2016

Goals. Resolutions. The new year stresses me out because what is my goals aren’t 100% clear on January 1st? I prefer to not sue the word resolutions (makes me think of all those ‘weight loss resolutions’ – dumb) but goals are things I can do. Being happy is always a goal but this year I also want to focus on gratitude. I can get negative and studies say that being thankful can make you happier. So here’s a to a year full of fun, gratitude and love!

2015-12-15 06.06.07


Thankful for


It’s Thanksgiving week (woo hoo) and although it’s not a holiday in China (no days off work, boo) I’m still feeling the Thanksgiving vibes. The air turned cold today and we broke out the gloves so that helps with the Thanksgiving feeling. Kyle and I went out to eat (for the first time ever on Thanksgiving) and I’m looking forward to no cooking or dishes!

Thankful for life, love, family and friends (always!).