The boy and some flowers too.

Painting fail + weekend

Weekend: coffee and pie – does it get any better? And a peak of a rainbow through this horrible, cold, rainy weather!






Yes please! Five-hour workday, four-day workweek (NYT)

it me: I give up, life problems, wah, wah wah (Ask Polly)

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So interesting/entertaining! Three part podcast: The Jungle Prince of Delhi (The Daily)

Read read read

Just got done with the book Educated and it’s as good as everyone says.

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…think about what it would mean to live not according to your goals, but your values: not in service of future success, but of the world around you. Maybe nothing would be different at all, but maybe something would shift inside you. Maybe something would soften, maybe something would snap into place. How would you choose to live if there was no such thing as success, only the complicated joy of the world that exists right now? (The Cut)

These words are good

It is all so trivial and at the end of the day, it truly doesn’t matter BUT I wanted to write about it because inclusion or exclusion is something we all experience – at every age, at every stage of life, in so many different circumstances. The best we all can do is to try and be mindful about it. Mindful both of how we may make others feel when leaving them out, even unintentionally, and mindful of how we internalize our feelings about being left out. Mindful that different people are sensitive to different things and might not always feel the way you do, or the way you meant to portray something.

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