Weekly tidbits

Good tips on small living spaces with my favorite being: ‘..it feels like an adventure — even if that means streaming my Bravo shows from an empty bathtub for alone time.’ My apartment is small too, I understand.

Current plant/flower situation:


Sweet crab bibs from a recent ‘crab fest’..yum!crab


Weekly whats

Reading: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. Interesting but not uplifting.

Watching: This is Us – soooo good

Motivating: Listening to S-Town as motivation to run (this April race can’t come fast enough….can I go back to sitting on the couch now?!?)

Planning to bake bread: maybe…?

Get smarter: Blockchain explained in 5 levels. Thanks to The What for the rec.


Inspirational skies




Safe in the Bay and back to normal work/life.

Don’t leave summer!

Dusk in the apt and our antique lamp that doesn’t work:

2017-10-02 07.59.48

Moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival!2017-10-04 20.16.12