Reads & eats


Kindness FTW (Cup of Jo)

Garbage Language (New York Mag)

A questioning within: What it would take to walk out (Ashtanga Dispatch)

The second best me (New Yorker)

And to Eat/Drink/Make:

Winter Lemonade(Joy the Baker)

Chess Pie (Joy the Baker)

20 reds under $20 (NYT)

Painting fail + weekend

Weekend: coffee and pie – does it get any better? And a peak of a rainbow through this horrible, cold, rainy weather!






Yes please! Five-hour workday, four-day workweek (NYT)

it me: I give up, life problems, wah, wah wah (Ask Polly)

Arianna (Huffington, not Grande): Build better habits (NYT)

So interesting/entertaining! Three part podcast: The Jungle Prince of Delhi (The Daily)