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And this because it’s funny:

Taking Stock: 4/17

Making : crockpot chicken noodle soup – perfect for a rainy Sunday
Cooking : homemade granola
Drinking : water, tea & lots of it
Reading : The One Hour China Book & Daring Greatly
Wanting : a spring wardrobe update
Enjoying : the spring rain
Liking: new music out
Loving: the warmer weather
Bookmarking: nothing…
Watching: John Oliver via Youtube
Needing: nothing, wanting is another story…
Smelling: again nothing, see feel (i.e. a cold)
Wearing : sweats on the couch (see feeling)
Thinking: of all the things I’ll do once I’m back to 100%
Feeling : still a bit sick



The long weekend  (for Tomb Sweeping) is too quickly coming to a close here in China. This week flew by too!

We are in Changsha this weekend and more to come soon. In the meantime happy April and some recent fun things:

An experiment with Cryo – a treatment of freezing (literally) temperatures at 7:15 in the morning. That was one way to wake up….


A walk to a work event showed that Nanjing Xi Lu is ready for spring – flowers and birds in the trees – I’m ready too!

Nanjing Lu

My bike, the flying pigeon, getting a much-needed sprucing up for spring: Bike repair

Spring Days Ahead

It is slowly warming up here, although still grey-ish! As previously stated, I’m back in the swing of thing (for better or worse!). Here’s a few snaps from the week.

Guilin Noodles for lunch – 10 kuai (USD1.5) and I’m full.


The local supermarket dog barking up a storm after receiving the worst animal haircut I’ve ever seen.


Random Saturday leaf – it’s looks a bit fallish!Leaf

Towards the end & graduation

A few more snaps towards the end of training and the graduation ceremony.

A “The Beatles Cafe” enjoying the river and warm weather:


A hidden path off a hidden path:


Cool signs everywhere:




Guruji, my legendary philosophy teacher, spouting knowledge (satsang):


Thali (vegetarian delight) – one of my few meals out of the ashram:IMG_1958

A walk through town:



Naughty ashram dogs:


Colorful spice cart:


My favorite drink: masala chai


An exciting drive to the airport – 160 miles, a nine-hour trip on dirt roads.





Rafting the Ganges

I’m back at it and deep in work this Thursday but last Thursday was a different story. Last Thursday we were surprised when class was randomly cancelled and we were told to prepare for a rafting trip. I wondered if we would go rafting since it is included with the program but I was fine not going as the weather is not yet too hot and the water is freezing. But that Thursday we ventured out and raft we did.

We glided over nine rapids and didn’t tip over once. It was relatively calm and warm until we all decided to jump in fully clothed. I only had once chance to swim in the Ganges so I went in and it was absolutely freezing. Once was enough for me!