Weekend Beaching

Summer-ish weather in late Winter.

Lounging by our apartment pool:

2018-02-01 14.10.01

A new yoga mat – SO ridiculously exciting!


Late-ish night at the yoga studio:

2018-02-02 18.50.36

A nice brekkie (all our dishes are chipped; we are ceramic people?):2018-02-03-08-48-49.jpg

Delicious ramen:2018-02-02 12.12.56

And Davenport Beach, near Santa Cruz – swoon!2018-02-03 10.45.06

2018-02-03 10.47.02

2018-02-03 11.03.43

2018-02-03 11.00.35

2018-02-03 11.09.39 HDR

2018-02-03 12.04.38


Honeymoon recap: five pics and few words

SFO -> Mexico City -> Buenos Aires -> Iguazu Falls -> Cordoba -> Mendoza ->Buenos Aires->Mexico City -> SFO

Mexico City 1: a quick stop-over. Frida Kahlo’s house and her clothes…..swoon…

Mexico City - saucy!

Buenos Aires: Saying there is a late night culture here is an understatement.

Buenos Aires Steak

Iguazu Falls: Jungle-y! Lots of water. Prep for wine country.


Iguazi coatis

Mendoza: Heaveni-sh. Ridiculous wine pours (in a good way).

Mendoza 1

Buenos Aires 2: Palermo! Such a hip area & wish we spent more time here.


Mexico City 2: Breakfast nachos!!!

Meixo City 2nd time

My love of Korean food is strong! Now I just need to learn how to cook it at home in a fast, easy and convenient way. I’m planning on using this blog to help me learn.2017-07-14 19.25.52

2017-07-14 19.25.56

And some recent Cali neighborhood pics. The morning light is great!2017-07-14 06.16.27

2017-07-14 06.16.22