A few things I’ve been enjoy lately and thinking about:

The workout app Aaptiv: like a personal trainer on your phone

I really want to get fall (and basic?) and make some pumpkin chili

And this song…


And Happy Thanksgiving!!


LA to Oakland

LA for work, Oakland for work, fun times, hot weather, and weekend home for hikes!

Patbingsu – Korean dessert

2017-10-24 16.10.26

Stayed in Koreatown one night…takes me back!2017-10-24 17.07.08

Curry pork K style

2017-10-24 20.13.16

Conference 2 of 3.2017-10-25 09.39.292017-10-25 10.05.02

2017-10-25 12.29.52

LA fashion district2017-10-25 12.56.16

A very LA lunch…2017-10-25 13.10.18

2017-10-25 13.40.09

Birds trying to find some shade on a 100 degree day!

2017-10-25 13.41.33

And back home at our apt:2017-10-25 18.45.02

My intern at the Oakland event – we match and didn’t even plan it!

2017-10-27 06.11.07