Ashtanga Yoga Confluence

Months ago I was alerted to the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence. If I attend I would have the chance to study with David Swenson again. I was fortunate enough to see him last year at a workshop and knowing that he was going to be at AYC was one more incentive to attend. I bit my tongue and paid the price; and now that I’ve attended I don’t regret a penny of it.

The conference featured the OG’s of yoga – so much wisdom, graciousness, and love….it couldn’t have been better. A bonus on top was being able to attend with friends from the SJ/Bay area.



Yoga sneak peek

from the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence ♥2018-03-04 15.09.26

2018-03-05 11.10.37


Portland favorites

Blue Star donuts: forget Voodoo Doughnuts and their longline, Blue Star is where it’s at!

Sour beers: so much fun to drink with friends. We’ve spent the last two weekends sampling sour beers, a new world to me! Cascade was a nice stop in Portland.

The Portland vibe: it was low-key, relaxed and interesting with exceptionally nice people!


portland vibes


Portland adventures

Drinking a lot of delicious beer, eating my weight in doughnuts, snow and trying a few different coffees…pretty much sums it up!


Weekly whats

Vday dinner


Sharks game


The classiest wine of all time


Winter shadows




Pics from the weekend race in preparation for the half marathon April 8th in San Fran  Kyle and I signed up for. We may have a long way to go….

And Kyle’s grocery store run afterwards… and chicken wangs.

2018-02-03 15.20.23


Weekend Beaching

Summer-ish weather in late Winter.

Lounging by our apartment pool:

2018-02-01 14.10.01

A new yoga mat – SO ridiculously exciting!


Late-ish night at the yoga studio:

2018-02-02 18.50.36

A nice brekkie (all our dishes are chipped; we are ceramic people?):2018-02-03-08-48-49.jpg

Delicious ramen:2018-02-02 12.12.56

And Davenport Beach, near Santa Cruz – swoon!2018-02-03 10.45.06

2018-02-03 10.47.02

2018-02-03 11.03.43

2018-02-03 11.00.35

2018-02-03 11.09.39 HDR

2018-02-03 12.04.38