Weekly weekend reads

Weekend reads:

Good advice (and also a fun feature):

A big part of your work is helping people cultivate their authentic selves. Do you have advice for anyone trying to do this? 
I definitely have a method. Broadly speaking, it’s through deep listening to ourselves. For example, I’m a big believer in imagination exercises, to wake up the part of the brain that’s curious and creative and unafraid of taking risks. To do this, I might say: get into a position of silence and have a conversation with yourself in your 80s. Start asking her questions about her life. What does she say? Paint me a picture of her life. Where is she, and what has she done? Visualizing your future can help you get clarity.

Sad, but important: What if the doctors had listened to our sister Becky

V. interesting: Everything you know about obesity is wrong

(and weekly shots: neighborhood walks and sunset yoga in the park)


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