Scenes from the week

Work life on campus, early morning yoga (the a.m. sun is the best!), sunset dinners and wines with friends. And almost time to do it again.

A main ‘strip’ on campus where something is always going on:

2018-04-24 12.32.38

2018-04-24 12.33.03

Jazz during the lunch hour on Wednesday:2018-04-25 12.13.28

Early morning yoga (that sun though!):

2018-04-27 06.43.43 HDR

2018-04-27 06.43.55 HDR

Walk to the office: 2018-04-27 08.03.27

Persian lunch with coworkers:
2018-04-27 12.49.12

Nice pours:

2018-04-27 21.41.50

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