LA to Oakland

LA for work, Oakland for work, fun times, hot weather, and weekend home for hikes!

Patbingsu – Korean dessert

2017-10-24 16.10.26

Stayed in Koreatown one night…takes me back!2017-10-24 17.07.08

Curry pork K style

2017-10-24 20.13.16

Conference 2 of 3.2017-10-25 09.39.292017-10-25 10.05.02

2017-10-25 12.29.52

LA fashion district2017-10-25 12.56.16

A very LA lunch…2017-10-25 13.10.18

2017-10-25 13.40.09

Birds trying to find some shade on a 100 degree day!

2017-10-25 13.41.33

And back home at our apt:2017-10-25 18.45.02

My intern at the Oakland event – we match and didn’t even plan it!

2017-10-27 06.11.07


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