Our first California hike

Kyle and I took our sweet ride out for our first hike as San Jose residents. Sunday we headed to Grant County Park for what we thought was going to be a little hike. Turned out we didn’t do much research and for us novice hikers the 5 miler was more than enough.

It was a nice, sunny day, not too hot and thanks to the recent rains the views were green with plenty of wildflowers peaking out. A good time hanging out with the ‘cow-lifornians’!

2017-04-02 12.39.06

2017-04-02 12.39.18

2017-04-02 12.44.34

2017-04-02 12.47.37

2017-04-02 12.49.45

2017-04-02 12.49.48

2017-04-02 12.52.05

2017-04-02 13.05.16

2017-04-02 13.18.26

2017-04-02 13.18.48

2017-04-02 13.27.31

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