What I’m looking forward to in a bit over a week

Over three and a half weeks in…not counting or anything! Since I have a little more than a week left I thought it was about time to think about the things I’ll be looking forward to when back.

A mirror. Weird maybe, but I didn’t realize how often one looks at oneself! When putting on makeup, brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and on and on. My room is the only one without a mirror and I’m pretty sure I may look wild and crazy by now..

My wardrobe. Wearing yoga pants is very comfortable but after wearing the same exact clothes for over five weeks I’m ready for some of my other clothes! I only brought a carry on suitcase so really it’s been the same clothes over and over again.

Food. Delicious, delicious food. There’s plenty to eat here and by no means am I starving but I’m beyond ready for some bacon and eggs, avocado, coffee, chocolate and wine. Just a little wine please.

Friends and family. Always. This month I’ve been a bit out of touch with everyone and everything. I’m ready to be back to real life (at least I think I am…)!

A few recents

At the ‘Beatles Ashram“:



A big Sunday dinner out:



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