Week Two Down

It’s the halfway mark for Yoga Teacher Training which calls for a celebration. It’s been much more intense and tedious than I expected. My expectations were a bit high to begin with. I thought yoga teacher training would be a big, relaxing yoga class with of course some learning interwoven. I imagined an idyllic setting where everyone was beyond relaxed. While there have been moments of relaxation there has also been a lot more ‘work’ and efforts than I anticipated. It’s been a bit tedious, very serious and my body is pretty sore. I thought I was in pretty good shape before this, but yoga always has a way to humble oneself. All in all, it’s been fine and I’m looking forward to tackling the last two weeks. A few pics below!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served at the ashram (what all yoga ‘studios’ are called). Everything is vegetarian and there is no meat or alcohol allowed in the whole town of Rishikesh. The food has been very good especially the chai tea but I’ll be ready for a little pig out when I’m back!



In my training are four other very nice ladies. It’s nice being a small group especially as we all get along. Our classes start very early with neti pot (and at times other interesting ‘cleansing’ techniques), then breathing exercises, guided meditation and asanas or the physical yoga practices. Breakfast is at 9am and by that time I am absolutely starving. After breakfast we have two classes: philosophy and anatomy, then lunch. During the afternoon we have a nice break and then before dinner another asana class and sometimes more meditation. It does sound nice but the days are long and the body is tired! This schedule is Monday to Saturday with Sundays for rest. Most of our classes take place in the classroom below. Yoga-Room

Other than classes and practice there’s a lot of cafes around the Ganges River which flows through the town.Me-pic!

And monkeys! More to come on monkeys….



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