Before leaving China I was required to get a new visa otherwise I wouldn’t be let back into the Mainland come March. This is a pretty straightforward process but takes some time. Also, you cannot apply for your China visa too far ahead of time, so I had to time it well. In the meantime I also had to apply for an Indian visa. The China visa had to be applied for first and when I went to apply for the Indian visa I did not have enough time to apply for anything more than a 30 day visa. Que the panic! After asking around in China and then India everyone said the 30 visa was good and that without a doubt I would get an extension on this visa. Well, you guessed it, I did not get that much needed extension which is why I wound up in Kathmandu.

Originally not in our travel plan the Kathmandu trip allowed for me to get another 30 day visa so I would be able to stay through yoga teacher training. Even though it was my problem, Kyle was sweet enough to travel with me and I’m glad he did as it was more fun to have him experience the town with me. In addition, Kathmandu was a nice break (and a bit needed) from the crowded, busy streets of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Kathmandu seemed incredibly small and quaint. The roads were winding and impossible not to get lost. There was a temple about every block and due to a massive earthquake in April of last year many buildings were still in ruins. A very poor place, but people were so kind and happy.

One more things before some pictures. About an hour before landing the captain of plane came over the intercom and said “I have some bad news.” This is something you never want to hear on an airplane! While we were in the air a 5.2 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. Luckily there were no causalities and few injuries.









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