Winning *big

And by big I mean small. The most exciting prize was wining a dining voucher upon check-out. The dining voucher is only good for the Macau hotel we stayed at and since we aren’t planning to return anytime soon we really just lost (again) the chance to use the voucher.

Even with so much losing Macau was a nice break. Coined ‘The Vegas of the East’ it was a lot tamer than the real thing. Macau is a mix of China and Portugal and was the first and last European colony in China. It was considered an overseas territory of Portugal until 1999.

Our trip to Macau was short but sweet, and rainy. We did our fair share of checking out the casinos and ventured out to the rain soaked streets for a look around Macau Island to get a better feeling for the Portuguese influence in this China territory.

The casino. I learned how to play roulette and lost a lot…


Chinese New Year decorations all around: Happy Year of the Monkey!IMG_1530



And Kyle’s last ditch effort to win something…and he did!IMG_1549

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