In Recent Times

It’s been grey (read: smoggy) hear for over a month. I haven’t seen colors in over 30 days. And lately, it’s been quite cold….this time of the year is the worst in China! On a positive  note I’ve still been out and about exploring, but also staying home cuddled up by the heater with my book. Some recent adventures out below.

Dogs in China, so many small ones. This one was being really naughty running around the sidewalk and terrorizing people but when I tried to snap a picture it ran back to the safety of its house and started going crazy. Check out the pink ears and tail too!


A Sunday afternoon splurge, Kyle and I went to Charlie’s for burgers and some dirty fries. The Arnold Palmer was spot on.



Some special jewelry.



A good question! Luckily since I live in China and dogs wear pants here (not joking) I know the answer!


Dinner and concert date: Uva and Toro y Moi.


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