Books for days

I was not naturally ‘a reader’ but Kyle has had a good influence on me in this department (in the cheese department, not so much…). He’s a big reader and always has his nose either in his phone reading or an actual book. I raved about the instapaper app before (Longform is also great) and here it goes again. It is great for saving articles which I can then read later during my down time, waiting at elevators or before bed.

As of the new year I’ve been craving to read an actual, real book, not just short and long articles. Right now I am reading The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, which is a nice, easy read and pretty interesting.


Making the decision of the next book to read gives me anxiety (dumb) as I don’t want to invest my time in the wrong book. But I’m sure whatever it will be, will be great. A few  I’m thinking of are:

The Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


Furiously Happy by Jenny LawsonFuriously-Happy

Purity by Jonathon Franzen


The Cartel by Don Winslow


What book are you enjoying?


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