My Sick Day

About once a season I come down with a knock-me-out cold. As much medicine as I take and pretending to feel fine does not make it go away and I’m forced to stay home. Sick days are nice once and awhile but I find colds the worst because 1. you can’t breathe, 2. your head hurts, 3. there aren’t enough movies to keep me interested! I’d rather be at work, but rest is the only thing that will do.

On my last sick day I went home from work early only to find the ayi (cleaner, very common in China) to knock on the door ten minutes later. So my sick afternoon was spent with the ayi and not much resting. The next day the maintenance men along with two building friends came to repair our heater and boy was it eventful. After about an hour hanging out the window they left and now I hope the heater is fixed…

IMG_0989 IMG_0990  IMG_0992

I felt like an anthropological assignment with so many people in and out examining my life! Here’s to rest and health!

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