Enjoyable Podcasts: Ann’s Top Eight

Podcasts are enjoyable especially when on the subway, airplane and especially during morning walks. I look forward to getting up early to listen to some positive podcasts like The Lively Show or a laughter inducing Slate Culture Gabfest. A feel good vibe or a few good laughs coupled with some *fresh air and exercise is my perfect start to any day. Followed by coffee and a nice breakfast of course.

*fresh for China, I live in Shanghai so there is no real thing as fresh air here

Below are my top ten podcasts to listen to any time.

  1. The Lively Show – one of my new favorite self-helpy podcasts. Jess’s voice and message are uplifting and a nice way to start the day.
  2. Slate Culture Gabfest – a fun show on pop culture and recent happenings. The hosts always have fun and it puts a smile on my face.
  3. Happier – Easy tips and tricks to make life a little happier!
  4. Slate DoubleX Gabfest – a sibling to the Culture Gabfest the DoubleX gabfest focuses on women topics and still keeps things lively.
  5. All Songs Considered – a great way to keep up-to-date on what’s new and cool in the music world. Music, a hobby of mine (one day I will learn to play guitar), is always changing, and this podcasts helps me stay relevant and is one of my favorite ways to learn about new songs and musicians.
  6. Sounds Opinions – an old favorite and great way to get more in-depth info on bands, albums and music.
  7. Limitless Laowai – a new favorite and a great voice for the laowai (means foreigner) community in Shanghai and China. I love Ally Mona’s positive message and varied topics.
  8. 20 Minute Yoga Sessions – free, mini yoga classes. These vary for different purposes and are great pick-me-ups!

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