Taking Stock | 1


Making : Sweet potato breakfast bake.
Cooking : Roasted sweet potatoes and paprika skillet chicken. My chicken didn’t turn out very well…and I obviously have a thing for sweet potatoes
Drinking : soda water, trying to drink less wine. Trying
Reading : The massive Vogue September issue and some yoga books (thanks Kyle!)
Wanting : Some fall booties
Enjoying : Coffee on the balcony
Watching : Trainwreck
Needing : Nothing
Smelling : Our weekly office flower delivery
Wearing : lightweight dresses as it’s still hot, humid and rainy in SH
Thinking : About my goals for the fall
Feeling : Nostalgic for summer pool days, I’m not admitting that Fall is coming.

{Inspired by Keria, who was inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip.}

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