My New Favorite Fruit

My all-time favorite fruit, the banana, has been (temporarily?) replaced.  Bananas are always delicious and abundant but they seem a bit heavy for this heat. And this heat is serious. There’s no use in making yourself up for the day because no matter your activity you will be dripping in sweat. I’ve also heard that in Traditional Chinese medicine you aren’t supposed to eat bananas in summer because they are too wet and heavy for your digestive system this time of year. Got to keep my Qi in line.

On to my new favorite: the mangosteen. There is an abundance of strange-to-me looking fruits in Asia and too often I stick with what I know. But at the park the other day a friend brought mangosteens and was not only kind enough to share but also to show me how to eat.


To eat you have to apply pressure with your hands and twist. The fruit will then split open revealing the edible inside part. It light and sweet, sort of like a grape. Supposedly there are a bunch of good-for-you reasons to eat this fruit, but the best reason of all: it’s tasty.

inside mangosteen

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