Our apartment

Excuse the mess and un-prettiness. We are still getting set up and I don’t think Kyle or my strong suit is decorating.  We’ll get there eventually…..

Over in the corner is my vanity and standing desk that I crafted myself. Yes, I’m dorky.IMG_2773

Ugly day outside – I really should have waited for a sunny day to take pics. IMG_2774



The kitchen and living room. The apartment came furnished and the couch is comfortable but the kitchen is pretty small which has led to *some* eating out/delivery.IMG_2776


Super fake “brick wall”.  It might be plastic….IMG_2778

Creepy dudes that are on all our air conditioners/heaters.IMG_2779

The bathroom is pretty tight because the washer is in the bathroom. I really liked the place because it has a lot of windows that let in light, but the bathroom is the only downfall.IMG_2780

And the extra room (or as I like to call it, Kyle’s room). A second bedroom that is set up as Kyle’s office. My office is in the bedroom. We are looking for a couch/bed for this room so come visit!!!IMG_2789

And my “foreign expert certificate”. On our way to getting real visas/resident permits.


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