Recents and Gifts

This was a gift for Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year) which is one of the two biggest holidays in Korea and China. The thought process when I receive a gift like this:

OMG! There’s lunch meat on the wrapping….lunch meat in Korea?!?!? It couldn’t be! Don’t be pessimistic, it could be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok, so it looks like Spam cans but there still is the possibility of lunch meat inside that can! I’d even take mediocre lunch meat….just not Spam! Please, no Spam!!!


Then I opened the can….and……………..Spam :(! And as an even bigger insult it smelled like dog food……….oh Korea!

Winter carnations – anything to brighten these cold days!


This picture looks pretty funny and I couldn’t figure out what it was…meat? No, it’s a waffle with nuts and chocolate on top. These waffles are so popular in Korea and I could never figure out why until now….they taste divine. I figured it would be dry and stale but it was sort of tasted like a treat at the fair – rich, fried, indulgent, and delicious!20130211-133054.jpg

Walls and walls of ramen. Normal.




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