The Bob Mullet

The “bob mullet”

A note about my new haircut, a new hybrid:
When you see me and notice that I got a haircut don’t feel obliged to comment on it. You can just act like it didn’t happen. I just want to set the record straight and let everyone know that I did not go into the hair salon and ask for a “bob mullet”. I did go in and ask that they take off two centimeters (2 CENTIMETERS people!!!). And they shook their heads, repeated “two centimeters”, and showed me to the chair.

Then the snipping started and I felt comfortable with it. The lady acted like she knew what she was doing. I trusted her. There was nothing to do but trust her once I sat my bum in the chair. I shouldn’t have trusted her….after my hair was washed and styled, I paid as quickly as possible and ran out of there. I couldn’t quite tell in the chair but I was pretty sure my hair was longer in the back and it was significantly shorter than I requested in the front. I said two centimeters, NOT two inches!!! After arriving home and washing my hair for good measure I examined my head to find that my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. I had gotten a “bob mullet”. I may have just made this new hairstyle up but it is a real thing my friends. And sadly it is on my head right now. I have a pair of scissors at home and may try to fix this myself, so don’t be surprised if I come home with no hair….

The real lesson of this story is one that I really should have learned by now…..don’t get your hair cut in Korea! There have been haircuts here that caused tears and you would think that would help me remember the important fact that a haircut in Korea isn’t quite the same as a haircut at home (actually it’s really different and usually tragic).

The “Bob”
What my hair looks like…..

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