I had a birthday and…..

It was really nice but sort of embarrassing!

For one I wore my favorite piece of clothing – a romper.  Which sounds like baby clothes, but I promise it is made for 28 year olds too.

Here is my birthday cake which Kyle so sweetly got me on a tiny island.  The only place to get cake on the island was a small “local” place and by “local” I mean a cake frosted in bumble gum frosting.  The cake was interesting but not the best tasting, but it was the best in general because Kyle went out of his way to get it for me and we got to share it with the locals of our favorite restaurant on the island.



My birthday was also great because I got to spend it in a warm location…..which to me is heaven since I really dislike the cold (probably an understatement…).


The morning of my birthday I got to take a nice long walk around the island (perfect or scary for contemplating the next years of my life.  Scary definitely).  And then on to yoga, which is a perfect morning for me.

Thank you for all the birthday love and wishes.


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