Annual International Mask Dance Festival


Every year the International Mask Dance Festival takes place in Andong.  It is a pretty a cool event with dancers coming from many places.  Last year we got into it and saw a lot of the dances but this year we just walked around and heard “Gangnam Style” a lot.  It was still fun and I have a few pictures from the festival that I thought I’d share.20121011-171636.jpg


She is making red bean paste snacks.  They’re one of the few red bean paste “treats” that I like.  It’s doughy and warm with semi-sweet (to me) red bean paste on the inside.


This was new to the event this year and by far the coolest thing there!  It was loads of fun to watch the kids play in the balls.  I didn’t think they’d let me try…..

Oh, and “Gangnam Style” for your viewing pleasure!


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