And on to Krakow

From Budapest we took the overnight train to Krakow.  It was a ten hour overnight ride and we booked a private sleeper car which had a bunk bed and a little room to move around.  It was really nice, convenient, clean, and relatively a good ride (Kyle’s a bad sleeper sometimes…).

Krakow has a big city square that has a lot going on….very cool….enough talking….the pictures:

Bunk beds in our train car.

The dragon at the castle.
The castle
In the square. There was a lot of art and action (and of course beer) going on. We hung out here a lot.
Said beer…
Castle pics
Watching Wimbledon
More castle pics.
Pickled EVERYTHING!!!! That is pork jelly there in the corner….scrumptious!
More castle
Random streets…cool!
Our drinking buddies.

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