Free Day!

On Wednesday we had a “free day”.  It was Korean Memorial Day so we had the day off work.  I’ll always take a free day when I can get one!  It was a gorgeous day and we relaxed in the morning then went for the most strenuous (surprise!!) hike.  We went to Cheonggryang-san, a mountain near Andong.  It was a beautiful car trip out there.  The hike up was about an hour up, but when I say up, I mean UP!  It was most vertical hike I have ever done.  I had to stop more than a few times but it was a good workout.  At the top there is a suspended bridge which I didn’t stay on for too long because it freaked me out.  The coolest part was the temple on the way down.  Very serene and even more beautiful than other temples because it’s set in the middle of the mountains.  I look forward to doing this hike again I just have to psyche myself up to make that vertical climb again.  Enjoy the pictures!










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