A Taste of K-Pop

K-pop, Korean pop, is quite a site.  It reminds me of the 90’s, New Kids on the Block era.  People go crazy for K-pop, which is what I got to witness last Thursday.

On Thursday our university hosted the 2011 College Song Contest.  It was a big deal and getting tickets was a bit of a hassle as you had to get a pre-ticket to stand in line to get an actual ticket.  I skipped over all of this by being a criminal, but the guards didn’t seem to mind.  We just walked in back stage and found a place to stand.  I don’t know if the security was not good or if it was our “foreigner power”.  Either way, I’m glad we got in.

Lee, Hyori


The host of the night was Lee, Hyori, a big star in Korea.  When I asked my students why she was a big star they responded with “sexy body”.  Whatever that meant, it was fun to see her, the Wonder Girls, and my favorite UV.  Despite it being like a sauna in the auditorium I made it through the whole concert but probably wouldn’t have stood in line to see it.

Wonder Girls




And, I’ll leave you with some videos so you too can enjoy K-pop.

First UV, so you can check out their awesome moves:

And, now the Wonder Girls.


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