How to get to hell

In Singapore the by far most interesting thing was a model/cave of the Chinese Ten Courts of Hell.  By far the scariest thing as well!

The idea of these “hells” is that they are a purgatory to punish and renew spirits in order for reincarnation.  Each “hell” has a judge to charge you with your crime and none of the punishments are pleasant.  It was a pretty disturbing tour through this cave so beware before looking at the pictures below – they are graphic!  At the same time it was almost comical and a good place to take a small child if you wanted to scare them into being good!

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I’ll spare you more hell pictures because it gets even more graphic…

And...I made it out of hell!!! (I took Kyle with me too!)
Once we finally got out of "hell" a whole bunch of turtles were waiting for us.

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