Sing, sing, Singapore

Corny title, I know.  Singapore was interesting but not my favorite. 

Singapore did not seem to have a lot of character but did have great architecture.  We were only there for two days so I’m sure there is a lot I missed too.  To me, it seemed like a city of built attractions and not many natural or historical attractions.  The food was fine but not great and things were expensive, really expensive!  This is the place with a fifteen. dollar. beer. …….and this was no joke, it really was 15 dollars.  We even went to get a famous drink, the Singapore Sling, which ended up being $26 dollars for one small-ish drink.  This obviously wasn’t the place for me!  Of course I’m happy I got to see Singapore but I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.  On an up note, Singapore did have one really interesting tourist attraction that I’ll tell you about soon.

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