One night in Bangkok, indeed.  Kyle and I arranged to extend our layover in Bangkok for one night.  And although “one night in Bangkok” is a famous saying, it wasn’t that crazy…we just passed out due to jet lag!  But I did like Bangkok much more than expected.  We saw a bunch of tourist attractions like temples (wats) and museums, and ate delicious, delicious Thai food (coconut milk and anything = sooooo good).  The river runs through the city so to get places we took a boat which was nice for sight seeing and better than taxis.

The hands-down best thing we did in Bangkok was our splurge.  We passed out at 6pm or so on a Saturday night and were done for the night, so no crazy and wild night in Bangkok.  We woke up at 5am because of our early bedtime so we decided to have “one morning in Bangkok”.  We went to the Four Seasons and splurged on their breakfast buffet.  It was so good it seemed like a dream!  There was anything and everything you can imagine and we camped out with the newspaper and had a leisurely two hour breakfast…definitely worth not having a crazy night in Bangkok for and we didn’t even have a hangover afterwards :)!  I’d suggest a breakfast splurge to anyone, anywhere every once and awhile.

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