Vacation…long gone and over!

I apologize that the vacay posts are taking forever, I think I will just quickly post the rest of my pictures (hopefully) soon and be done with it because the cold, hard truth is that Fall is here to stay.  Kyle and I started work right back up when we returned and it was a pretty smooth transition.  The first couple of weeks we had a great schedule  and that was a nice way to ease into things.  Now, we each have another two-hour class added per day so it’s grind time!  The upside is that the students in each of our new classes are fun, motivated, and really interested in English and foreign culture, and of course the other upside is $$$!  So as I said I will post the rest of the pictures soon and most importantly Happy Fall!   Have a pumpkin spiced anything (maybe coffee, a muffin, or cake…) for me as I’m craving it!

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