Vietnam, part 2

After exploring Hanoi in the north we went for a day trip east to Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay is a bay with limestone rocks or boulders rising out of the water; it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

From Ha Long Bay, back to Hanoi, and then down the coast.  Check it:

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Right now, I will just post my pictures and spare the trip details.  It seems as if time in other countries went too fast but then again back in Korea it seems that life is passing in a blur and only about to get busier!  Can’t complain though!  Also, that last picture is a pea smoothie…what?!?!  I was positive it had to be a typo on the menu so I ordered it…no, it wasn’t a typo.  And it tasted just like you think it would….and I’ll leave you with that taste in your mouth…..

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