Busan and the Beach

Busan is the second largest city in Korea and is a popular beach destination.  This weekend Kyle and I were able to hit up three beaches.  We took the train to Busan because it is more relaxing than the bus and we were even able to get first class on the train because we’re classy like that (or because it was first class tickets were only six more dollars and neither one of us had ever ridden in first class anything before).  I felt like this trip was a warm up to an actual vacation (probably not with first class though).

We found a bar looking over the beach and holed up there with some friends since we got the window table – perfect!

We also went to the aquarium:

Then to another beach.   There was a sand castle festival going on but far too many people in one place (especially the beach) for me.

Then we snagged a ride with a friend who has a car (this is a big deal!) to the third beach about thirty minutes away with a lot fewer people.  It was a beautiful drive along the coast.


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