University Festival

This weekend is the Andong University festival (not sure what it’s called in Korean) so classes were canceled on Thursday and Friday.  There are tents set up all around the stadium area with food and drinks.  The tents are arranged by major and our students are working at the tents.  Kyle, I and another friend went to check it out on Thursday night and it was impossible to take a few steps without a student screaming your name and then begging you to buy beer/food/whatever else they had for sell.  The students are raising money for their major field trips and events. It’s endearing how our students act around us. We had our fair share of buying our students drinks and them being embarrassed and thankful for it.  In Korea it is polite to turn your head when drinking to show respect, so thankfully the students did this to show respect to us foreigner teachers.  There are also student performers/dancers and it is surprisingly entertaining. Here’s some pictures and videos of the student performers and the festival:

Girl performers:

And the boy performers – reminds me of 90’s boy band music that in America we would ruthlessly make fun of…but here it’s cool!

Buying drinks for the students:

We went back again on Saturday night and unfortunately it was raining like no other.  Fortunately I just purchased some wellies – perfect timing.

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