Happy Easter

Happy Easter all!  It’s been a long time since I posted due to a busy work schedule.  Kyle and I had been putting in 12 hour days so by the time we get home all I want to do is put some food in my mouth and lay down!  Although we have been busy it’s been good and both of us are really enjoying the new job.  We have also enjoyed being more social at work and home.  We now live in a building with many more foreigners and have more opportunities to be social.  We have been playing a lot of tennis and hosted an Easter BBQ this weekend.  The BBQ was excellent with an abundance of delicious food.  It could have been a bit warmer but I just have to be patient with the weather.  That is all.


Burger!Curry and pork carnitas in the background.
We even had Cadbury eggs...yum.....
And an action shot of Kyle (I think I won the game though!).